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Be a participant of putting a smile on face of needful students by contributing in a step towards educated India. 
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Akshar Sankalp (अक्षर संकल्प) is an initiative of the International youth edu-skills foundation (IYES Foundation) to distribute stationary (notebooks, pencil, eraser, pen etc.) among the children from low-income families. IYES Foundation set the goal to donate stationary among 3000-5000 children every year.


The main aim of this project is to provide the opportunity get education to those children who cannot attend the school due to low income of the family. There are many families in India who can’t afford to send their children to schools due to financial constraint. If the students choose to go to government school where education is free, then also they find difficulties to manage expanses for buying stationary. The dropout rate is very high in India and the society should come forward to help such students. Many of these students are very talented and if access to good education is provided, they can do wonders.


IYES Foundation strongly supports the right to education for all and believes that education is the key for the development of nation. An educated person is an asset for the country, who can take care of himself and his family and possess the capability to generate employment for others. Which ultimately helps in the country’s growth at international level.

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